Donations in Kind ("Sachspenden")

After successfully establishing a personalized evacuation and accommodation network for Ukrainian refugees in Germany, we are now expanding our focus towards providing DIRECT SUPPORT to the Ukrainian society.

We offer a safe, reliable, and traceable transport of:
Wir bieten einen sicheren, verlässlichen und verfolgbaren Transport von:


1) Medical goods (medicine, medical equipment, etc)
2) Outdoor Clothing & Equipment
(thermo clothing, sleeping bags, camp bed, heating equipment, cookers, etc)
3) Hospital equipment
(beds & equipment) 

4) Electronic goods (laptop, phones, etc)
5) Electricity equipment
(generators, transformers, battery storage, etc)
6) Industrial machinery (production machines, logistics equipment, etc)
7) Vehicles and mobile machinery
(trucks, tractors, construction machines, etc)

... to verified partners in Ukraine, with a end-to-end transport tracking as well as verification of use at its destination, thus ensuring that any donated equipment is put to best and reliable use in Ukraine.

If you or an organisation you know have access to any of the above/below items...

Please contact us, so that we can discuss if and how we can assist in putting it to best use in Ukraine.

Medicine and Medical Equipment
Pharmaceutical products, medical supplies, tools, etc.

Arzneimittel und medizinisches Gerät

Medikamente, Verbandsmittel, Werkzeug, etc.

Outdoor Clothing & Equipment
Thermo clothing, sleeping bags, heating equipment, etc.

Outdoor Kleidung und Ausrüstung
Funktionskleidung, Schlafsäcke, Feldbetten, Heizer, Kocher, etc.

Hospital Equipment
Beds, hospital equipment and supplies, etc.

Betten, Geräte, Ausstattung, etc.

Electronic Goods
Laptops, phones, drones, etc.

Elektronisches Gerät
Laptops, Telefone, Drohnen, etc.

Electricity Supply Eqipment
Generators, transformers, storage equipment, etc.

Generatoren, Transformatoren, Speicher, Batterien, etc.

Industrial machinery
Production machines, logistics equipment, etc.

Produktionsmaschinen, Logistikgerät, etc.

Vehicles and mobile machinery
Trucks, tractors, construction machines, etc.

Fahrzeuge und mobile Maschinen
LKW, Traktoren, Baumaschinen, etc.

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