Fluchtbericht 22. März 2023 von Kateryna - (German only)

Kateryna describes impressively, vividly and very personally her own and her family's experiences and long odyssey since the start of Russia's invasion from her home in Nikopol to her safety destination and new home in Germany.

21.09.2023 Story from Lena:

My name is Skrypka Olena. On April 27, I left Zaporizhia by train to go to Lviv. However, I got off the train earlier than planned in the city of Ternopil. My daughter Maria (born in 2011) and our dog went with me.

I found the Volunteer Center in Ternopil that cooperates with LiftUKRAINE. I stayed there and eventually took one of their buses. That’s how I got to Germany.

Now I rent an apartment of a very kind woman named Barbara. Who like other people in Germany support us very well!My daughter goes to school and likes it very much. The teachers in Germany treat Ukrainian children very well and try to help them succeed in school. The other children at school offer all kinds of help and support.

We really miss Ukraine and our family and friends. But for now we stay here because it is safe. I really try to learn the language and actively participate in social life. My daughter draws well and I play the violin.

Thanks so much Lena for sharing your story. We admire you strength and courage in this very difficult times.
LiftUKRAINE e.V. is doing what we can to help families affected. We are grateful for all our volunteers and donors that keep us going 💪🙏

Story from Maggie

Hello, my name is Margarita, I am 23 years old. I am from the city of Kharkiv, I have a little daughter Julia, she is only 3 years old. I am grateful to you, Sven for your help!
I was introduced to Sven by a distant friend that summer on Instagram. Sven offered his help and helps to this day, for which I am extremely grateful!!! I dream that the war will end soon, people and children will stop dying .... I want world peace!

Maggie has been receiving and distributing essentials for over a year now. This allows us to get groceries and toiletries to especially elderly people in Kharkiv. Thanks Maggie 💕

Frontline civilian support

Lea, one of our most courageous volunteers is constantly helping civilians in towns close to the frontlines with a variety of desperately needed humanitarian aid, food and medicine. 

Aid transport (#3) on 25 December 2022

Delivery of humanitarian aid worth >€15,000, including medicine, medical splints, water containers, kitchen equipment, fire fighting equipment, fire extinguishers, breathing masks, diesel generators, outdoor spotlights, torches, first-aid-kits, children toys, diapers, etc.

August 15 2023: A look behind the scenes

We had our LiftUKRAINE e.V. Rapid Prototyping Workshop!!! Wait, what?
Yes, we got together and acknowledged all we have already achieved, brainstormed, discussed, planned, and had a great time together while setting the strategic direction for LiftUKRAINE e.V. in the future.
- How can we help best?
- What do we focus on?
- How do we source funding?
Our teams are excited to share more soon but one thing remains clear, we continue to help families in/from Ukraine 💪💪💪
If you personally or your company wants to get involved, please reach out and be a part of this! Together we can achieve even more!

Juni 25 2023: Lieferungen zur Phönix-Schule Charkiv

In drei Etappen konnte liftUKRAINE e.V. insgesamt 75 Kartons für https://helpukraineromania.org/ zur Phoenix-Schule nach Charkiw liefern.
Die Lieferung wurde mit großer Dankbarkeit und Freude entgegen genommen.


May 24 2023: Lieferung durch HIC e.V.

Heute haben wir im Auftrag der @lift_ukraine mehrere Familien in Charkiw mit Lebensmitteln beliefert.
Vielen Dank an dieser Stelle für die gute und reibungslose Zusammenarbeit!
Lebensmittel-Lieferungen an mehrere Familien in Charkiw über HIC e.V.

More stories to come....