What we do

 Our Mission is the support of refugees from Ukraine and the support of the reconstruction of the Ukrainian society and infrastructure


Our immediate aim is centered around addressing the immediate needs of refugees. For that, we currently focus on helping refugees with the transport to Germany and with the allocation of private accommodation in Germany. 


In the future, we hope to widen our scope beyond this immediate aim and are open for suggestions and happy to act as a platform for additional initiatives in line with our above stated Mission. 


At the moment, we are working on the following 2 initiatives: 

Bus Transport

  • Welcoming logistics at departure points 
  • Registration process 
  • Matching refugees to available bus capacity 
  • Transport to private reception center in Germany 
  • Matching refugees to available private accommodation offerings 
  • Assistance with transport from German reception point to private accommodation 


  • Identifying accommodation requests by refugees
  • Confirming availability with hosts
  • Matching requests with accommodation offers 
  • Confirming match to hosts and refugees
  • Coordinating meeting of hosts and guests
  • Agreeing pick-up details of guests by the hosts
  • Exchange contact information
  • Arrange meeting and handover


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Lift Ukraine e.V. 
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